The pretty market town of Tadcaster lies less than four miles from Hornington Manor. With plenty of cosy pubs, the finest ales, traditional breweries and an ancient viaduct, there is plenty to explore within Tadcaster.

The Breweries – Three breweries can be found in Tadcaster. Along with the John Smith’s and Coors breweries, the Old Brewery is well worth a visit. Founded in 1758, it is the home of Samuel Smith’s and is the oldest brewery remaining in Yorkshire. It still uses traditional brewing methods and still has original features such as the original well that continues to draw brewing water from 85 feet underground.

St Mary’s Church – St Mary’s is a pretty church, filled with intricate carvings and a William Morris window. The church has been reconstructed twice since it was originally built in 1150. The first was after the Scots burnt the church down in 1318, whilst the second was in 1857 when the foundations were rebuilt five foot higher to prevent flood damage.

The Ark – The Ark is an interesting place to visit, being the oldest building that is still in use in Tadcaster. The front of the building displays ornate carvings of two heads, whilst it is thought that the building was used as a meeting place by the Pilgrim Brothers before their journey to America.