Selby is a hidden gem in the Yorkshire countryside. This historic town boasts a spectacular medieval Abbey, a 15th century gatehouse and so many lovely restaurants that you will be spoilt for choice.

Selby Abbey

The imposing Selby Abbey is at the heart of this historic town. Founded over a thousand years ago, this magnificent building has a colourful history and remains a key part in community life, holding regular church service and concerts.

Pennine Trails

The landscape surrounding Selby is a dream for cyclists and walks. The Trans Pennine Trail cycle way passes by Selby, and with a direct path into York, it is the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Selby Town Hall

This award-winning venue has been named as one of the best in the area, attracting world-class performances from the world of music, comedy and theatre.

Em People

An art studio and shop in Selby which supports young adults with learning difficulties and helps to promote employability and independence. Pop in for a cuppa to see what is going on and feel free to join in and use the gallery space.