Love Stories

After waking to beautiful sunshine, Storm Dennis decided to make an appearance on Simon and Becky’s day. We had a power cut, along with half of York, but fear not because Will Power, like a superstar, can through to save the day with his generator!

Grandma Edwards, who is clearly talented, had made all the table names and a stunning welcome sign from pressed flowers. She also made a mountain of deserts for the sweet table for everyone to enjoy. What an amazing Super Gran! Grandad Edwards is equally talented and made the wonderful arch for his granddaughter to walk towards during the ceremony.  It was then, turned into a photo arch, for the evening celebrations. The arch was, decorated with a stunning display of flowers along with the bridal flowers. A bright and colourful display of Daffodils, Roses, Sweet peas, Coral Ranunculus, Icelandic Poppies, symbolizing remembrance, trust, friendship and thoughtfulness.  Becky’s mum chose Freesias for her buttonhole. Becky also had a St Christopher of her Dad’s, who has sadly passed away, tied into her bouquet and with a table set up for everyone to have a tot of whisky in remembrance of Alan, so that he was very much a part of his daughters’ special day.

Becky’s brother, Chris walked his sister down the aisle, with his very excited daughters Lexie and Faith as flower girls. Sadly, little Bethany simply was not old enough to be part of the bridal party but she is such a smiley happy baby, she obviously enjoyed every minute of Aunty Becky’s wedding day.

Simon’s Dad Clive, who is a drummer, had his band “Just Jazz” playing for everyone gathered in the gallery for the ceremony. They were brilliant but sadly hampered by Storm Dennis who had interfered with the electric and sound system, but they handled it fabulously and I cannot wait for them to come back and play for one of our other lucky couples. Clive announced his son and wonderful new daughter in law into the wedding barn and made everyone giggle with his version of “Grace” before the start of the meal.

Simon failed miserably most of his life to find love all over the world as it turned out, Germany, Slovakia, Russia, Spain, India. Simon resorted to putting his profile on “Plenty of fish”, when his pal Ross got hold of his password and sabotaged it. Simon still did not have any luck. However, as fate would have it, five years to the date, Simon swiped right as did our lovely Becky and after a first date, a cold Sunday in Leeds, their love affair began.

They say that opposites attract but Simon has found someone who is just as kind, loving and funny. All their family and friends agree “A perfect match”. Simon beaming with proud announced directly to his Dad “I’ve done it; I am now a married man to the love of my life”.

He thanked his parents, who will be celebrating their Ruby wedding this year, for always being so supportive and encouraging and then turned to Becky’s mum to say “Yaki Da / Merci” for her blessing to marry her amazing beautiful daughter.

Simon admitted to all Becky’s bridesmaids how worried, knowing how accident-prone Becky is as indeed he is, when he knew they were taking her on a skiing holiday for her hen do. He was so relieved when she came back in one piece having had a fabulous time. To the adorable Lexie and Faith, Becky’s nieces, Simon thrilled them by noticing their “awesome glitter shoes”.

Little did our happy couple know that they were in for a wonderful surprise during their wedding breakfast. Craig Squance our secret singing waiter who had been booked by Simon’s mum. He brought the whole room alive surprising everyone by singing classics like “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’, ‘Sweet Caroline’ and getting everyone up for a ‘Love Train’ Conga.  We were even delighted by the dulcet tones of Tony, Simon’s Uncle who was fabulous singing ‘The Wonder of You’ by Elvis.

Jason was Becky’s best man and long-term best pal for 25 years. He described the couple “they go together like tea and toast”.  Jason stood to say a few words of wisdom for Becky and Simon. He told the couple to always communicate, make time for each other, encourage, don’t criticise, always have a laugh, don’t always look at arguments as winning or losing and remember “You will only get out what you put in”.


The grand finale was Bez’s “best men and best buddies” Johny and Ivan. The threesome have known each other all their lives. The older they get, they realise how lucky they were that fate brought them together 35 years ago. They regaled tales of their antics growing up and of Bez’s monumental tendency for being accident prone but,  “We have all at certain points in our lives lived thousands of miles apart but regardless of this, we remain best mates to this day’ and they think it’s probably Bez who is the glue that held their friendship together.

Johny and Ivan said though they take the mick out of each other and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come, they don’t think you will ever meet a more good natured, kinder, gentler or funnier man than Bez and though they say opposites attract, luckily this is not the case with Bex. In Bex, Bez has managed to find a partner just as funny, kind and loving as himself and they both wish them all the future happiness together.

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