Love Stories

We had been keeping our eye on the weather apps and crossing our fingers for weeks in the lead up to Mel and Andy’s wedding weekend. Everything was pointing to a decidedly wet weekend and we had two days of celebrations ahead of us! By the time the guests arrived on Friday, noone had even noticed the rain, as they were too taken aback by the incredible wooden carved mandap which had been set up in the Wedding Barn. Dhol Drummers arrived and the rain had stopped just in time for everyone to dance down the driveway and courtyard, led by groom Andy, who was having such a brilliant time! When Melina eventually made her entrance to the barn, accompanied by her uncles and brothers, Andy’s was covered in veil so he couldn’t see Mel until she was sat opposite him. She looked absolutely incredible in her white saree encrusted with sparkling jewels. After the traditional ceremony was complete, guests made their way into the house where they enjoyed drinks and delicious food, being sure to not get to bed too late, as they has another full day of wedding celebrations ahead of them!

True to form, as everyone woke on Saturday, the rain was pouring, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. We had transformed the Barn from the previous day with long banquet style tables from Blacks which were separated with full size trees which looked stunning. The Gallery was all set for the civil ceremony, when Andy and Mel would become Husband and Wife officially. The end of the aisle was framed with more beautiful trees and our blossom flower wall. Mel looked absolutely incredible- her lace gown was perfect for her and she wore a beautiful headpiece which completed her look. The brilliant Glen Roughead played ‘Wherever You Will Go’ as Mel walked down the aisle towards Andy.

In perfect Hornington tradition, the sun decided to shine just as the ceremony was finishing, meaning everyone could enjoy drinks and afternoon tea style canapes in the courtyard while Mel and Andy cut the first cake of the weekend under the Lychgate. Glen moved outside too and provided such an amazing soundtrack to the day, while we made the final touches in the Wedding Barn. The team from Homegrown Hospitality were busy preparing the wedding breakfast, as requested especially by Mel and Andy; they wanted the food to be the star of the show and instead of centrepieces or flowers, just huge sharing meze platters and delicious BBQed meats and dessert boards ran down the whole length of the tables- it looked absolutely stunning and Mel was so thrilled her vision had come true!

Mel’s dad Paul said a few words before everyone tucked in. He wanted to thank Andy’s parents for raising such a fine young man, and gushed that while every wedding is special, seeing you daughter get married really is something else.

After dinner, Andy had many thank yous to make, and started with Mel’s parents, Paul and Muni. They had taken him in as one of their own and he is so thankful for everything they have done for him. He remembers specifically the first time he met Paul after he agreed to pick them up after a night out, and he narrowly avoided being sick in his car by rolling out of it while it was still moving as Paul couldn’t stop quick enough!

An extra special and emotional thanks went to Andy’s mum Gill, being so string for him and his sister Debbie after losing their dad last year. She truly is an inspiration. Andy knew his dad would be so proud of him, especially because of the woman he married today.

Andy and Mel went to university together and most of their mutual friends have seen their relationship from the beginning. They were friends first and even wing-manned each other before realising love was right in front of them all along! Andy proposed in Hamburg, but plan A didn’t quite work out as it was absolutely freezing and Mel had refused to walk any further. Plan B wasn’t a huge success either as when Andy got down on one knee, it was too dark and Mel didn’t even see him. Mel made him do it again, of course she said yes and even though it might have been a bit of a shambles, in Andy’s words, they wouldn’t have it any other way. Andy has never been so sure about anything in his life as wanting to marry Mel, as being with her is so much better than being without her.

Andy’s Best Man was last to make his speech, and he had come prepared with a presentation showing Andy’s highlights over the past 20 years of their friendship. Andy had originally taken inspiration from Homer J Simpson and decided he wanted to study Nuclear Engineering and work in a Nuclear Power Station. With Andy’s career going well and Mel in the legal industry, Andy decided to pack it all in and go into business with Teesside’s own Dell Boy and take over the world, or the P.E. departments of the North East of England at least! He said it had been a pleasure to watch Mel and Andy grow as a couple. They bring out the best in each other and it is clear to see they make one another so happy.  

The night was spent on the dancefloor, everyone having the best time and celebrating the new Mr and Mrs. What a gorgeous couple, we couldn’t be happier for them.

Suppliers on the day…

Photographer and Photobooth

Indie Love Photography


Wild Floral Couture


Megan Boyne 

Make Up

Elizabeth Amy 


Homegrown Hospitality


Glen Roughead

Emma Ellis


Perky Pug