Love Stories

‘I promise to enjoy every minute of this weekend and every minute to come’.

Everyone was so excited arriving at Hornington on Friday to prepare for Kayley and Stevan’s wedding, especially little Nephew Oliver, who had the important job of announcing them into the room as Mr and Mrs, and little Darcie who was a beautiful flower girl.


Kayley and Stevan set about decorating the barn with lovely rustic wooden crate displays, filled with little trinkets and memorabilia from their lives together. Each guest was gifted an engraved bottle cork as a keep sake from the day which was a lovely idea. Amy, Kayley’s bridesmaid, lovingly made the stunning cake which boasted the most beautiful floral cake topper to match the gorgeous bouquets. From Fleur Adamo. Kayley’s was made up from lovely roses, thistle, are more poignantly delicate blue Forget-Me-Nots which sentimentally remembered Stevan’s late parents who sadly were not around to share the special day. Following their wonderful weekend at Hornignton, Kayley planned to leave her bouquet with Stevan’s late parents.

Kayley’s lace gown suited her perfectly and she looked absolutely stunning. Her bridesmaids, Amy and Lucy, wore dusky blue gowns with lace detailing which complimented Kayley’s gown. Stevan first saw his beautiful bride as she made her way down the aisle in the courtyard, to ‘A Thousand Years’ played on acoustic guitar.

During the ceremony, Kayley’s sister Amy shared a lovely poem she had written called ‘The Proposal’.


The sun danced on the snow with a glittering smile, As Kayley and Steve sat quietly, alone for a while.


Then Steve turned and said, with a casual air (Though he blushed from his chin to the tips of his hair), “I think I’d quite like to get married to you!”


“Well then” said Kayley, there’s a thought, But what if we can’t promise to be all that we ought?

Steve, can you promise me you won’t grumble and shout If I’m late, yet again, when we plan to go out?

For I know I can’t promise, but I’ll learn to ignore Your dirty socks and damp towels thrown all over the floor!


So if we can’t promise to be all that we should, I’m not sure what to do, but your idea’s very good!


But then Steve gently smiled and tilted his head, Until his lips met Kayley’s ear and then he lovingly said;


“I promise to make you feel like a queen on a throne But I can’t promise you I’ll complete the DIY in our home.

I promise, when we’re chasing Charlie – our pest, I will be patient and caring but most of all I will always love you the best. “


“Do you think then Kayley, we should marry? Do you? “


“Yes” Kayley said smiling “I certainly do”.

Guests moved onto the front lawn and enjoyed prosecco whist Kayley’s Dad and Stevan’s Best Men, Si, Dale and Adam, entertained with their speeches. Once in the wedding barn, both Kayley and Stevan shared a few words about their lives together and happy memories. Not forgetting, being proud parents of their Springer Charlie.

To kick start the evening celebrations, our Bride and Groom enjoyed a fun game of Mr and Mrs, and having been together since meeting at University in Sheffield in 2006, albeit competing universities (Hallam and Sheffield Uni) the pressure was on to get the perfect score!

Kayley and Stevan share a love of travel and named each of their tables after places they have visited together, including Canada, Italy, USA and Crete.

Our Bride and Groom shared their first dance together to ‘I Love You, Always Forever’ performed by the brilliant Rolling Keys from Jonny Ross Music. The evening was spent, dancing, drinking, laughing and celebrating the wonderful day of Kayley and Stevan and we couldn’t be happier for our Bride and Groom.


‘To love, life and laughter, my wife, my Bride and my absolute world.’

Suppliers on the day…


Friends 4 Dinner


Mark Hillyer


Fleaur Adamo


Rolling Keys- Jonny Ross Music


Leon Marshall


Lisa Holmes

Make Up

Jade Heany