Love Stories

It is truly a pleasure to get to know all our brides and grooms but when they are already a little family, it is even more special. It was such a delight for Hornington to welcome Laura, Luke and gorgeous Eric for their wedding weekend.

Laura and Luke first met in Zante and fell in love there over 5 years ago whilst on holiday. A wonderful memory of fun and laughter that they wanted to share with everyone on their wedding day, so they provided Mythos Beers for the toasts drinks for everyone as a little “memento” of the exciting time they first began.

After three happy years together along came Eric, who is lovingly named after his grandad and is now an adorable, in to everything, full of life toddler.

Laura had enjoyed decorating the wedding Gallery, on Friday as she arrived with her bridal party, the chairs and the Copper Arbour, draped with chiffon and Eucalyptus.

The day arrived with a few rain clouds but with Nanny Simm’s to walk Laura down to the aisle, nothing could keep everyone from smiling at the happy family and the vows that they were about to make to each other.

Ruby spoke so beautifully at the ceremony. The room was in awe of her recital because, it is really, quite nerve racking for an adult, to stand up in front of a room that is totally focussing on you, never mind someone of Ruby’s age. She was fabulous.


With Laura, Luke and Eric sat on a sweetheart table enjoying the room with all their friends and family, quite by chance, a Robin flew into the wedding barn and was happily flying between the foliage on the chandeliers, during the speeches.

In European mythology, Robins symbolizes a loved one and in the same respect the spirit of rebirth, passion, beauty and new beginnings. Robins are also good parents, which is truly a representative of our wonderful bride and groom and how they are with Eric.

Everyone in the room saw the robin as a happy sign that perhaps, John, Laura’s Dad and Isobel, Luke’s mum who have sadly passed, had sent a sign of their love and blessing to this special day.

Grandad Tim braved the English weather to come all the way from Spain and spoke in honour of the First speech for Laura and her mum.

Luke’s speech was very entertaining because he told Laura that he was going to say his speech in the form of dance. Laura looked very nervous, but then so thankful, that he was only joking.

He saved that performance for the first dance. The song had heartfelt sentiments “Never want to lose the treasure I’ve found in you”.

Luke who is from “down South”, spoke of his northern girl and how very grateful he is for her bridesmaids, for being, his “Yorkshire interpreter”.

Luke invited everyone to close his or her eyes and he set the scene back to when he first met his beautiful bride to be. She is everything he remembers and more, with Earnest their Frenchie dog and Eric, his family is complete. “Love is like a rollercoaster and he is strapping himself in for this wonderful rollercoaster ride of their married life together.”

Luke finally raised a toast to Love, Family and Friends.

Luke’s best man Ash spoke of a true friendship that has lasted for 16 years and having enjoyed numerous holidays together. He spoke of how Luke was seriously into his music and his love of his Tattoos, always walking around in shorts showing them off.

Luke is the kind of “Top Bloke”, who drove all the way to Cardiff to be with Ash and comfort him, when his Dad sadly passed away. A shared tragedy, because of Luke’s mum also sadly no longer with them, but Ash assured Luke “she will live on forever, in you”.

“You are my best friend and will always be my best friend”

With the cake table, overflowing with fabulous Bride, Groom and delicious mini caterpillar cakes the party begins. Eric, having a great time running around and playing with all the other children at his Mum and Dads wedding.

Suppliers on the day…


Littles and Loves Photography


Jonny Ross Music- Avenue 22