Love Stories

Jess and Billy were so excited for their wedding and arrived on Friday very giddy to get everything set up and looking perfect for their special day. Jess is a doctor and Billy a surveyor so their hectic work lives had been put on pause to enjoy the best weekend of their lives!
Before long, the wedding barn was looking beautiful and the soon to be Mr and Mrs could relax with their loved ones in the Manor and make the most of the sunshine!

Jess and her Bridesmaids took over the West Wing where they got ready for the day with a glass of bubbly. Jess’s mum Alison helped our beautiful bride into her dress, which was absolutely stunning. A lace bodice with delicate diamante straps and a gorgeous dropped back- it suited Jess perfectly. Jess’s bridesmaids wore floaty dusky pink gowns. The ceremony was being held under the Lych Gate, where Billy was waiting patiently for his bride. The fab duo from 24 Live sang and played acoustic guitar as Jess walked down the aisle, arm in arm with her mum.

The Lych gGate had been decorated with lovely flowers by Yves and Yaro and the colours were so beautiful. After Jess and Billy said ‘I Do’, guests made their way into the front lawn for Pimms, Prosecco and beers while 24 Live played in the sunshine. Jess and Billy were whisked around the grounds by their photographer Nabila Burija, and I’m sure you’ll agree, she captured the day beautifully.

Before long, it was time for the speeches and Jess’s mum was up first. Alison told us how Jess and Billy were childhood sweet hearts and on checking her daughter’s MSN messenger one day, she saw a message from Billy saying that one day he would marry Jess! Alison questioned her daughter and Jess said, ‘Oh you know Billy- Billy Fat Neck from school!’ Alison is proud to call Billy her son-in-law and she knows he loves her daughter deeply and will take good care of her. Although she did apologise to Billy, as even though she is supposed to give her daughter away on her wedding day, why would she give away the most precious thing in her life! So Alison and Billy will have to share!

Billy thanked Alison for her kind words and said they are the first compliments he has heard from Alison in 8 years! He thanked all their wonderful guests and assured them that they are all loved by himself and Jess lots. Jess and Billy had known each other for 14 years, and after all that time, he is now marrying the love of his life and his best friend. They met on the first day in year 9 when they were seated next to each other in Science, but it took Billy 6 years to persuade Jess to go out with him! Billy told us about one of the first times he met up with Jess outside of school. They were on a night out in Wakefield and Jess got so drunk he had to pay £50 to get her back to her mum’s house in a taxi. He said sorry it’s not a very romantic story but it is what it is! Billy also revealed that his Grandma and Grandpa got married on this very same day 71 years ago, and to remember his Grandpa, Billy’s Dad Martin had asked whether Jess and Billy would cut their cake with the knife used by his Grandpa in World War II, which was such a lovely gesture.

Billy spoke so highly of his wife and thanked her for inspiring him to make the best of himself, as they rekindled their childhood romance as Billy had just dropped out of university. Jess encouraged him to go back and he said he wouldn’t be where he is today without her.
Billy’s Best Man spoke of how he hopes marriage will bring Billy a new-found sense of maturity and maybe he might stop tagging him in every meme about short people! He said that Billy has the ability to light up a room and because of this, he always looks forward to spending time with him. The good times he had with Billy became great times because of Jess.

Purple Chilli served up a feast which ended on a high with molten chocolate pudding with sticky toffee sauce!

Billy’s Godfather and Martin’s dearest friend Adrian read out a passage Martin had written about his son for his wedding day. It was such a comical speech and in it, Martin likened his new born baby son to a large purple frog! He described an enchanted forest where a lovely bee keeper called Alison had given birth to a beautiful baby girl who was a princess. They must have kissed because the purple frog was soon turned into the handsome prince you see here today, and hopefully, lots of little tadpoles are not too far away!

24 Live turned DJ’s for the evening and the whole wedding party had such a wonderful time. They refueled with Fish and Chips served from a van in the courtyard belonging to Little Fishy and danced the night away!

Thank you to Jess and Billy for choosing to celebrate their special day at Hornington, and we just know you both live happily ever after.

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Yves and Yaro


Quite Contrary Cakes


24 Live


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Purple Chilli

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