Love Stories

After what has felt like a lifetime of cold and wet, spring finally began to peek through at Kim and Ryan’s wedding, and boy did it feel good! The ceremony was being held in the barn, and Ryan waited patiently  with his Groomsmen for his Bride Kim to arrive.

Kim’s bridesmaids wore beautiful pale lilac multiway gowns, with bouquets of white roses and spring foliage. Kim followed her bridesmaids, arm in arm with her dad Richard, and made her way to the wedding barn in a stunning lace detailed gown with buttoned down back.

Potted trees sat at the end of the aisle, and lush green foliage was hung from the chandeliers by their fantastic florist Wild Floral Couture. An array of gin bottles filled with white roses and ferns lined the aisle.

A beautiful reading was read by Sarah during the ceremony called ‘You are the Bubbles’

‘Together, you are the bubbles in one and others champagne.

The morning sun through the window,

The breaking of a smile.


Together, you are the one donut in the bag with more jam than the others,

That photo where everybody looks great,

The-know-all-the-words-sing-out-of-tune-at-the-top-of-your-voice chorus of a favourite song.


Together, you are the beginnings of a big idea,

The twinkly bits that hang in the sky after the firework goes bang,

The only two people in a crowded room.


Together, you are the unforgettable day of the holiday,

An accidental adventure,

A summer BBQ with friends,

The spray of the sea,

A hug, a kiss, a hold my hand,

A decision which, looking back will seem to be the most excellent one you ever made.


Together, you are the bubbles,

The unburstable bubbles of the very best things in life-

The only things any of us really need.’


After the ceremony, the sun was shining and guests flooded into the courtyard to enjoy reception drinks, while Kim and Ryan where whisked around the grounds in the spring sunshine for photographs by the wonderful Joe Dodsworth.

Kim and Ryan’s shared love for Gin was celebrated with the ‘find Your Gin’ table plan and the centerpiece of each table a different bottle of artisan gin filled with beautiful flowers matching the bouquets. As favours, Kim and Ryan had made adorable little wooden drinks tokens for each guest which they redeemed at the bar throughout the celebrations.

Homegrown hospitality cooked up a BBQ feast, and all of a sudden it smelt like the middle of summer!

It was soon time for the speeches, and Kim’s dad Richard was first to take the microphone. He asked the top table to stand and they then toasted their guests, to thank them for attending and making the wedding so special. He then asked all the Bow Tie Wearers (the Groomsmen) to stand and asked the ret of the guests to bet on who would be wearing it for the longest! We learnt that Kim and Ryan met at their friend Beth’s 18th birthday party, and it wasn’t long before Ryan had settled into the family. Kim and Ryan stayed together throughout university, and Ryan often visited. However, his sense of direction was hit and miss- Kim was studying ta Norwich and Ryan somehow ended up in Nottingham!

When the moment came that Kim asked her parents ‘Can Ryan sleep over?’, Richard replied ‘Yes, he can, but in the small bedroom. Kim was quick to respond ‘But there’s not enough space’. Richard- ‘I’ll make space’. Kim- ‘But there’s nothing to sleep on’. Richard’ ‘I’ll get an air bed!’. Safe to say, he was having none of it!

Soon after university, Kim moved to Edinburgh and started working for PWC. Her work mate Laura too to the microphone just to say how there is a special place in everyone’s hearts for Kim. She is kind and thoughtful and Laura and the rest of her besties from work couldn’t be happier that she found Ryan.

Ryan was next, and he thanked everyone who had made the journey to Yorkshire to celebrate with them. Even those surprise guests who no one knew was coming and had to be squeezed in on the tables! Ryan thanked Kim’s parents for the amazing daughter they brought up, she is kind hearted, down to earth and amazing, and that’s down to Richard and Amanda. He thanked his own parents who taught him to be polite, a gentlemanly and caring, and that material possessions are not important in life, love is.

Ryan addressed his new wife, Mrs Brown, Kim Summer Brown. He hoped it sounded ok as the paperwork was all sorted now so it was kind of a done deal. He gushed at how stunning Kim looked, and how lucky he was that she had chosen him, and they had already spent 9 years together! She has supported Ryan whilst also achieving amazing things, however she is so humble and down to earth, you would never know about her incredible achievements and successes. He is so excited for what their future brings- a house, a garden, a dog (all those corgi videos are a not so subtle hint Kim!) and travelling the world together, starting with their honeymoon in San Francisco!

It was then the turn of the ‘Trio of doom’ best men. Their speech was made up of all the things they hate about Ryan and was hilarious and endearing! They hate his relentless need to always make sure everyone is having a good time, they hate his inability to keep his food inside himself on a night out and they hate how they have to change where they are standing when they talk to him because his is deaf in one ear! They hate when Ryan tries to pay for everything with his AmEx- ‘Air miles innit’, they hate that they don’t see him as much as they used to, they hate that that actually like it when Ryan calls them up to talk about nonsense for hours and they hate that they all absolutely prefer Ryan to be there, wherever they are, than him not.

Before the band started, Celtic Rogue, who had travelled all the way from Aberdeen especially, Ryan’s friends took to the stage and performed a few tracks which was wonderful. Celtic Rouge were a one stop shop! They performed a few ceilidh tracks along with all the wedding classics! Guests refueled with the beautiful cheese cake and the delicious pizzas from Rustic Crust who were in the courtyard- they have transformed their Land Rover Defender ‘Poppy’ into a pizza oven!

Congratulations to Kim and Ryan on their beautiful wedding and we wish them all the happiness in the world as Mr and Mrs Brown.

Suppliers on the day…


Kayleigh Moylan


Beatrice Mett


Joe Dodsworth


Mulhern Media


Homegrown Hospitality

The Rustic Crust


Wild Floral Couture

Table Plan and Stationary

Amanda Michelle Design and Stationary


Celtic Rouge