Jade, Josh and their little boy Rex were such a lovely family and everyone was so excited for their big day to arrive.

Jade was simply stunning. Her fishtail gown with 3/4 lace sleeves was finished with her beautiful showstopper veil with delicate embroidered detail.

It was such a special moment as Jade’s father Martyn walked her through the manor to the barn where Josh was waiting for her. He was immensely proud to be giving his daughter away and it was lovely to see.

Jade and Josh’s deep burgundy colour scheme was so striking against the white of Jade’s gown.  It suited their winter wedding perfectly and we were all feeling very festive!

The humanist barn ceremony was beautiful, and the barn looked incredible with the foliage on the chandeliers and endless twinkling fairy lights.

We absolutely love the velvet suit jackets worn by Josh and his groomsmen.

After the ceremony, drinks were held in the Gallery where a string quartet was playing which was a real treat!

Sugarbird Photography captured some stunning shots of Jade and Josh, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Jade’s Dad had written the most wonderful poem for his speech and he very kindly shared it with us-

‘In the time honoured tradition, we have reached that time of day

When as father of the bride, it’s time for me to have my say.

So as we celebrate together, this new phase of jades life

Congratulations, Josh, on your excellent choice of wife.

Cos I’ve known Jade, all her life, the thing I’ve always found

She’s funny and supportive, very good to have around.

She’s brilliant with people, chats to anyone with ease

She could I’m sure, charm a mouse away from cheese.

She’s a loving mommy too, of that I’m really glad

But the thing that Jade is best at, is getting round her Dad.

When young, her bedroom wouldn’t be the tidiest in the home,

The cleaners took one look, it was declared a no-go-zone.

I wouldn’t go in either, I was really not amused,

You’d almost need a sniffer dog, to find her bloody shoes.

Would she ever tidy it? Not even for a mimite

There were more clothes out the wardrobe, than there was ever init!

So the thought of being tidey, made Jade run a mile

But a cuddle with her Dad, that always made her smile.

I did my best to guide her, I encouraged her to think

I always said to Jade, be careful with your drink

Indeed she’s very careful, she never spills a drop

Especially when she’s with her mates, and lining up the shots

She’s well known as the Shots Queen, sinks them all, she’s not afraid

Now I can down a drink …. Or 4, but not as much as Jade.

But that’s my daughter for you she just won’t do things by half

When Jades around, we’re guaranteed, she’ll always make us laugh

When Finlay and Reece came along, it didn’t take long to find

That as big sister she is brilliant, protective, thoughtful and kind.

I admit I’ve always thought my Jade would be a real catch

And when Josh came along, I knew she’d found her match

I’m delighted they’re together, I think Josh is really great

And in the time I’ve known him, he’s become a real mate.

They’ve since had Rex, my Grandson, he’s a gorgeous little boy

And along with my 2 sons, he fills my world with joy.

Josh’s passion is his football, it’s a game he just adores.

He wanted to turn professional, he’s talented for sure.

But sadly he got injured, and gave up his favourite game

Hanging up his boots was tough, and such a real shame.

But with the talent in the family of course Josh now expects

That those genes are swooshing round, and they’ve all been passed to Rex!

There’s something I’d like to say though Josh, now you are legal Kin

When we play a game of tennis, I don’t have to let you win!

Josh, you’ll be a smashing husband, that’s very clear to see

If my 2 boys turn out like you, then that’s just fine by me

You look after Jade and Rex so well, when all is said and done

I haven’t lost a daughter, just gained another son.

But you have some competition, in your perfect life of Bliss.

If you had 4 furry legs, there would be more chance of a kiss

Jade adores her pugs, they are contenders for your crown

And at least the dogs obey her, when she tells them to lie down.

Jade I know when you were growing up, I wasn’t always there

In building up my business, there were times, I could not share.

But you’ve always been so precious, such a constant shining light

I love the honesty we share, the texts we send each night.

Such a warm and funny person, from the tiny baby girl

Could I ever have imagined, you’d bring such joy to my world.

My special bezzie mate, I know our bond will never end.

Being married now, I know that Josh, will be your new best friend

You’ll have your up’s and down’s for sure, you’ll argue now and then

But keep smiling, as you always do, look after both your men,

As a daughter you’re terrific, as a wife you’ll be the best

I wish you joy and happiness, and a marriage truly blessed.’

It was such a  fantastic day and truly a wonderful celebration. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Gill!

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