Love Stories

Chris and Jasmine had dreamed of their Winter Wonderland wedding for months and months, and when their weekend arrived, everyone was feeling super festive and excited for the celebrations. It had been a real group effort getting everything prepared on Friday, with Chris and Jasmine showing guests to their rooms, Chris’ mum organising the kitchens and Jasmine’s parents busy decorating the barn ready for the ceremony.

The morning of Chris and Jasmine’s wedding was bright and fresh, the perfect winter’s day. Jasmine and her Bridesmaids were being pampered, while Chris and his Groomsmen were having a great morning, full of excitement, preparing for the day ahead! Jasmine’s Bridesmaids dresses were the most beautiful shade of deep purple, matched perfectly to our Bride’s bouquet of pure aubergine Calla lilies. The back of Jasmines gown was so intricately detailed and looked absolutely stunning on her. It’s no surprise there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Jasmine’s dad saw her for the first time.


The tears continued in the wedding barn, with everyone shedding a tear as our Bride made her way to Chris at the end of the aisle. Chris’ dad got up to give his son a cuddle when he was emotional reading his vows which was such a lovely gesture.

Chris’ mum read a poem called ‘Marriage is Madness’
Marriage is about giving and taking
And forging and forsaking
Kissing and loving and pushing and shoving
Caring and sharing and screaming and swearing
About being together whatever the weather
About being driven to the end of your tether
About sweetness and kindness
And wisdom and blindness
It’s about being strong when you’re feeling quite weak
It’s about saying nothing when you’re dying to speak
It’s about being wrong when you know you are right
It’s about giving in, before there’s a fight
It’s about you two living as cheaply as one
(you can give us a call if you know how that’s done!)
Never heeding advice that was always well meant
Never counting the cost until it’s all spent
And for you two today it’s about to begin
And for all that the two of you had to put in
Some days filled with joy, and some days with sadness
Too late you’ll discover that marriage is madness.

In the Gallery, where guests gathered for reception drinks, they were entertained by a huge selection of lawn games including chess, connect 4 and even a beanbag area.

The Wedding barn was incredibly cosy and super festive, with tealights, white flower stems and foliage on each table and lot soft twinkly lanterns lining the back wall creating a lovely glow. Each guest’s place setting was marked with a little gold bauble as a lovely keepsake to add to their tree each year.

Jasmine’s dad Jonathan said Hornington is such a special place for the joining of Jasmine and Chris it was an enormous privilege to be making his speech and he thought it was amazing to see so many people from far and wide. Hampshire, Scotland, Belgium, France, it’s surprising how far people will travel for a free meal! Jasmine such a strong-willed person, who has always been wise beyond her years and a fantastic daughter. She is also a traditionalist so was eagerly waiting to see his reaction today and make her dad cry when he saw her for the first time in her wedding gown.

Jasmine’s parents Jonathan and Karen have been married for 35 years and to keep marriage brimming with love, he shared a few words of advice with Chris- ‘whenever you are wrong, admit it, whenever you are right, shut up.’Jonathan shared a beautiful memory with all the guests and played a recording of Jasmine age 2 singing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, and recalled how he couldn’t wait to get home after working long hours to his lovely girls. As parents they used to sing “You are my sunshine” to a young Jasmine and he finished his speech with ‘You will always be our sunshine and you brighten our days. It is a privilege to be your dad’.

Jasmine and Chris met 14 years ago but their relationship started on the London Eye, fast forward to their 5th anniversary, Chris asked Jasmine to marry him. Chris tearfully thanked and attributed Jasmine’s wonderful traits to her fabulous parents. Chris thanked his mum for always being there for him and for teaching him to be dutiful and faithful.
Chris told his beautiful bride that she is one of the kindest people he has ever met and for better or worse Chris could not do better. You can live with anybody, but you marry the person you cannot live without.

We then heard from Megs, Jasmine’s sister. Jasmine was adopted at 8 months old and 3 years later they adopted Megs. She thanked her parents for bringing their family together and for her big sister. Megs turned to our Bride and said that she has loved every moment with her, she is very clumsy but is such a patient and inspirational big sister. Her family have taught them that love is unconditional and that there is always a solution to every problem.

Our couple’s fantastic photographer Ricard Perry captured every beautiful moment throughout the day, including Jonathan and Karen’s incredible dance and the most stunning evening shots as it started to rain. Is anyone else now hoping for rain on their wedding day!

Closest friends and family of the newlyweds enjoyed a relaxed Sunday playing board games, eating delicious food and snuggling in front of the fires in the Manor House which was just the most perfect cosy end to their dream wedding weekend.

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