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Zoe and Ollie are huge Ski lovers so planned their wedding around honeymooning on the slopes! Zoe has always been a very active person, and has tried her hand at gymnastics, horse riding, triathlons, diving and cross country, and shall always loved the annual family ski holidays. So when Zoe and Ollie met on the first day of University, and discovered they shared the same snowy passion, they just knew it was meant to be!

We woke to a beautiful, bright day and Zoe took over the West Wing with her Bridesmaids as they excitedly had their hair and make-up done for the day ahead. Zoe’s understated up-do showed off her incredible dress with lace detailing and a beautiful train. Her Bridesmaids wore a stunning shade of emerald green.
Ollie and his Groomsmen waited in the wedding barn, which was beautifully decorated by Limelight Wedding Emporium. Wisteria trees framed the end of the aisle, and the foliage on the chandeliers complimented the theme perfectly. Zoe walked arm in arm with her incredibly proud dad, Gary, towards her Groom who was a little overcome when he saw his beautiful Bride.


After the ceremony, guests moved into the Gallery where they enjoyed prosecco, bottles of beer and a slideshow of both Zoe and Ollie’s family photos and their years as a couple which was lovely to see and a real personal touch.

Back in the wedding barn, we were busy transforming the space ready for the wedding breakfast and speeches. the wisteria trees now framed the top table which was decorated with lush green eucalyptus sprigs and little white bouquets. Each table was named after Zoe and Ollie’s favourite Ski resorts and each name card was secured in a pinecone. Instead of favours, guests had drinks tokens which they exchanged at the bar, while they tucked into the delicious artisan breads and starters from F4D.

When it was time for the speeches, Zoe’s dad Gary had prepared a slideshow of photos. He shared the story of he and Zoe’s mum Julia going to York races last year on the same day as Zoe and Ollie’s wedding. There was a horse called ‘Wedding Day’ with 25-1 odds, so naturally they put a bet on him and he won! Gary showed more treasured family photos, in particular a family holiday to Florida when Zoe was little. The pair had been kayaking on a river which turned out to be infested with Crocodiles, they just hadn’t seen the sign! Gary described Zoe as a wonderful daughter and great protective big sister and best friend to Abi, who had lovingly designed the wedding invites. Gary said Ollie is a very lucky man to have married his daughter and he knows he will look after her (and reign her in if necessary!).

Ollie said it was amazing to have all the people they care about most under one roof together. He thanked Gary for his kind words and said Gary has been more of a father figure for the past 7 years than he could ever have hoped for, after Ollie’s dad sadly passed away. He gushed over his bride, and described how they met at university. Ollie had moved into a student flat one day after everyone else and Zoe’s face was the first he saw. They developed an amazing friendship and he never could have imagined they would be getting married years later! They have grown together over the years and Ollie thanked his beautiful bride for not being a total Bridezilla!

Ollie and his Best Man Jordan have been friends all through school, university and lived together so he has seen Zoe and Ollie grow from the start. Jordan said Zoe is an amazing persona and Ollie is incredibly lucky to have married you, but also thank you for taking over official care of him (as he is incredibly clumsy). Jordan had planned Ollie’s stag in Dublin and he presented him with an official framed photo taken at the races with Ollie dressed as a horse and the rest of the stags as Jockeys. Jordan shared some fantastic stories of their friendship, not forgetting the time Jordan called Ollie in need of backup to go and check on his dad’s warehouse after the burglar alarm sounded in the middle of the night. Ollie brought his cricket bat, just to be safe. They discovered the fire door was open, and with adrenaline pumping, weapons at the ready they immediately turned around and ran away! The police came out in full force only to discover the fire door had blown open in the wind. The moral of the story- you can call up Ollie at any time and if you need him, he’s there.

Finally, Zoe wanted to do a speech to thank her friends and family, but mostly so she could get the last word! She thanked Ollie’s mum sue for welcoming her into their family and for raising such a wonderful son. She was forever grateful to her parents for teaching her how to laugh at herself, and most importantly, always putting family first. And finally, to her Groom, whom she loves everything about and for bringing out the best in her. They are the perfect pair; Ollie is good at losing things, and Zoe is good at finding them.

As evening fell, The Jetters band had everyone on the dancefloor, unless they were bring wowed by the magician or in the courtyard being served ice cream from a vintage ski gondola called ‘Off Piste’ which couldn’t have been more perfect for Zoe and Ollie’s day!


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Limelight Wedding Emporium


The Jetters

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Off Piste Gondola