The 50th Birthday party held on Friday the 21st October 2016, was a huge success for the birthday girl Kate and everyone had a brilliant time.

Kate had decorated the barn with spectacular art work she had cleverly made herself. There was a flamingo standing proud in the grounds, and not one but two life sized Betty Boops with the usual pout and assets greeting you as you entered the barn.

The Music was organised by her husband Andy, who has many years experience in the music industry. He formed a band especially called the Acapulco Cliff Divers, with his daughter Jessica on vocals, so it really was a sensational family affair.

Along with the Alligators and the Melody Makers,dancing and singing was priority and a wonderful chance to meet with people who Kate had not seen for many a year.

The Hog Roast was perfectly carved by Jed from Hog and Apple with a delicious falafel option for vegetarians and scrumptious home baked deserts from Kate’s Mum.

Many guests stayed the evening in one of the luxury rooms with “the most comfortable beds” as one quest declared. The beds are hand-made by our local bed company Harrison Spinks, and start off life on the Harrison Spinks farm, which is where Hornington Manor is situated. Our beds have a habit of clinging to the occupant when time is saying otherwise!

A turn around on the Saturday was imminent for the ever popular Hornington Manor, due to preparation for the Brides Up North wedding fair.

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