Mrs and Mrs Heather and Dan Wilson with their little boy Ralph.  –  it’s a family affair!

It was our absolute pleasure to host Dan and Heather’s wedding day here at Hornington Manor, and even more importantly was the fact it was the perfect place for little Ralph, as he was mad about tractors.

When they arrived I brought our Granddaughters tractor and trailer round for him to play on. Along with his little toy lawnmower, and beautiful little cousins to play with, Ralphs weekend of fun was all sorted.

Farmer Gary did offer to take him for a ride on the quad, but he screamed and wouldn’t get on. Sensible lad!

Heather was an absolute dream bride, and unbelievably chilled out. She is a detective inspector so I expect it comes with the training.

Dan however – under his own admission, was Groomzilla! Only on the day they arrived though. He was super organised sending long emails with various instructions – I suppose it is of upmost importance getting the beers right for his big day.  Jobs for “Jo” to do on the day, timescales, and detailed table plans had all been professionally done on the computer. He was wonderful at getting everything organised and making sure everything would be perfect for his beautiful bride.

Dan was so excited getting into the house, he bulldozed one of our doors off the hinges, which our maintenance guy Graham had no problem mending, thankfully.

The morning of the wedding arrived and Dan was still sending messages via his best men to ensure that I was up and getting the chairs arranged on the front lawn for their ceremony, so still a little stressed but improving.

Then Dan arrived looking rather dashing in his shades and suit, and the day begins.

With a string quartet on the front lawn and the drinks and canapés flowing, the crowd were happy as they chatted and had photos. However the weather unfortunately took a turn and the wedding guests made their way into the wedding barn.

All Dan and Heather wanted from their day was the ceremony outside and they were overjoyed that the sun shone for that, so clearly were not too concerned when it started raining afterwards.

A wonderful fare was served from No 8 York, the award-winning bistro in York, which was a deliscious array of canapes, beef and ale pie and a selection of desserts.

Then it was the time for the speeches, and we saw the emotional side of Dan, especially when he was talking about his stunning wife and his perfect little boy.

As is the norm, the evening is always a fabulous event here at Hornington Manor with the live bands and the DJ set inbetween. Stressed Dan didn’t actually know if the band would turn up as he booked them on a stag do in Liverpool some time ago, so was worried, but they were fabulous and really got the crowd going.

Monday morning came around all too soon for our lovely family, but whether it was super organised Dan, stressed Dan, emotional Dan and the lovely chilled out Heather, it was a pleasure and so much fun to be part of their wedding day.

(Photos featured: Si Stock Photography)

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